20210728World Hepatitis Day

Let’s preventing Hepatitis C virus together! Join us with precaution and treatment to get rid of Hepatitis C.

In order to raise public awareness and emphasize the importance of precaution and treatment against viral hepatitis, WHO has set 28th/July each year as World Hepatitis Day.

WHA set the slogan “Hepatitis Can’t Wait” as promotion in this year.

In view of countries around the world are in the fight against the COVID-19, we need to pour even more resources and take immediate action to actively fight against viral hepatitis at the same time.

Taiwan Liver Research Foundation regularly initiated screening event everywhere, reminds people the importance of “Timely detected, timely treatment”, sincerely expect this idea turning into a national campaign and make it possible to eliminate Hepatitis C.

We have also established outreach clinics to cooperate with health units to implement "Localization of medical care", so that the hepatitis treatment does not have to wait, and local residents can receive adequate and timely medical care.

We look forward to the day when viral hepatitis is no longer a threat, making it possible to eradicate hepatitis and moving towards the ultimate goal of eliminating viral hepatitis by 2025.

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