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Taiwan has not recorded locally acquired COVID-19 cases for 32 days. Although the epedemic has been ebbing, we still have to be careful. Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare has made several posters in English, Indo, and Thai. Please feel free to download the attachments below and send them to your friends!
[Medical News] Amazing Team Work Led by Four Heavy
Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital (KMUH) established the Division of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Medicine in 1985, and has been putting efforts in the research and prevention of liver disease.   These years, the Division and Taiwan Liver Research Foundation have cooperated to serve the society, promote the concept of  “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and train more doctors to do liver disease’s in-depth study.   Nowadays, the Division and the Foundation have grown strong by the lead of Professor Wen-Yu Zhang and the other four heavy hitters in the area (F4).   Check the attachment to know about the story behind the Division of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Medicine of KMUH.
[COVID-19] Notice for the Tomb Sweeping Holiday
If you had been to crowded public areas during Tomb Sweeping Day, please correctly practice measures for the self-management of health for 14 days, and avoid going to public areas.   If it is necessary to leave home, please wear a surgical mask, wash your hands frequently, and maintain good hygiene.   If you feel uncomfortable, please call the toll-free hotline1922 to obtain instructions on seeking medical attention.
[Important Notice] Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pa
Please remember to wear a surgical mask when going out, follow good respiratory hygiene, and wash your hands regularly and thoroughly. Please inform your history of travel, occupation, and exposure while seeking medical advice; those who make a false health declaration will be fined up to NT$150,000.
Volunteer Activities
梓官的鄉親們~明天基金會行腳到『大舍里活動中心』為您服務摟~ 現場還有鼠年限定紅包袋要送給您~ 快把這好消息報給您的鄰居好朋友吧!! #鼠在揪肝心 #2020護肝不能停 篩檢日期:109年1月15日(三) 篩檢時間:下午16:00~晚上19:00 篩檢地點:大舍里活動中心 (高雄市梓官區大舍東路公厝巷4號) 檢查項目:肝功能(GOT.GPT)、B型肝炎、C型肝炎、甲型胎兒蛋白、腎功能、尿酸、糖化血色素、血球。 請記得攜帶身分證及健保卡! 歡迎大家轉發分享按讚~ 攜手讓肝炎防治無遠弗屆的傳下去吧 - 已知患有B、C型肝炎,及已在肝炎門診或衛生所進行追蹤之民眾,勿需再做檢測,並請將篩檢資訊轉告尚未篩檢過的家人及朋友,謝謝。 ※主辦單位有權更改相關活動內容,請依現場狀況為主。 #2020Kaohsiung #TLRF #免費肝炎篩檢活動 #滅C肝護梓官 #大舍里活動中心  
Volunteer Activities
今年的春節來的特別早 基金會特別製作了超Q鼠年紅包袋 只要來參加篩檢者,即可獲得唷!! 數量有限,送完為止 快把這好康告訴您的厝邊頭尾、親朋好友們吧! #鼠在揪肝心 #2020護肝不能停 篩檢日期:109年1月12日(日) 篩檢時間:上午8:30~中午12:00 篩檢地點:禮蚵里活動中心 (高雄市梓官區禮蚵里光明路79巷7號) 檢查項目:肝功能(GOT.GPT)、B型肝炎、C型肝炎、甲型胎兒蛋白 空腹加驗:飯前血糖、總膽固醇、高低密度膽固醇、三酸甘油脂、肌酸酐、尿酸、糖化血色素、血球等檢查。 請記得攜帶身分證及健保卡! 歡迎大家轉發分享按讚~ 攜手讓肝炎防治無遠弗屆的傳下去吧☺️ - 已知患有B、C型肝炎,及已在肝炎門診或衛生所進行追蹤之民眾,勿需再做檢測,並請將篩檢資訊轉告尚未篩檢過的家人及朋友,謝謝。 ※主辦單位有權更改相關活動內容,請依現場狀況為主。 #2020Kaohsiung #TLRF #免費肝炎篩檢活動 #滅C肝護梓官 #禮蚵里活動中心  

About Foundation

Foundation History

In view of the Liver disease, Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital officially established the department of Division of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Medicine in 1985. And by Professor Wen-Yu Zhang to be the director, he has been actively engaged in the research of liver disease and expanding the prevention of liver disease, for pioneering with gastroenterological of Taiwan.

Professor Wen-Yu Zhang established of Taiwan Liver Research Foundation since 1999. In recent year, on the one hand, the foundation has been committed to entering the society, serving the grassroots, and strengthening the awareness of prevention over treatment. On the other hand, they have assisted with the Kaohsiung Medical University Chung-Ho Memorial Hospital of department of Division of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Medicine team to conduct more in-depth's liver disease research.

  1. Educate the patients and public about the liver diseases awareness, treatment and prevention.
  2. Provide liver disease screening services, proactively care for grassroots communities and underprivileged minority.
  3. Encourage and train domestic researchers to engage in the prevention and research of related of liver disease.
  4. In order to improve the overall medical level, provide a platform for the exchange of liver disease knowledge between primary medical institutions and relevance of academic.

Hospital Teams

The Taiwan Liver Academic Culture and Education Foundation, on the one hand, has been committed to entering the society, serving the grassroots, and strengthening the concept of prevention over treatment in the past few years. On the other hand, it has assisted the team of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Medicine of the Hospital attached to Kaohsiung Medical University to conduct more In-depth liver disease research.
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